"Happiness is choice. For example you can CHOOSE to eat kale and be
effin miserable or you can order some al pastor tacos and live your life"

-Rafael Bustamante Sarria

After multiple calls, texts, messages and outright innapropriate threats
LA GENTE is crossing the Golden Gate and returning to Marin County
for a Cumbia, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Salsa Dance Party! We are excited to
perform for the fist time at The historic Smiley's Schooner Saloon
established in 1851! We will be jamming all night at what is
guaranteed to be the livest, most unhinged,
mire of madness in town! 1-LOVE




(Artwork by Alexa Treviño of Artillery AG: 2751 Mission)
I am ecstatic beyond my sanity to announce that La Gente's completed 4th
Record: "Borderless" is now available on iTunes, CD Baby, TIDAL and all
other online retailers! I am very proud of this work and is beyond a doubt
our best music we have ever put out! Much Love to all of you who have
supported us! This album exemplifies our unique fusion of Colombian 
Cumbia, Reggae, Hip-Hop and electronic, experimental, singer 
songwriter Trip-Hop. This is anew sound that will change
the Bay Area music scene!

Gracias to the nearly 1,000 people who came out to Mezzanine
to support LA GENTE, Quantic & Xenia Rubinos!
Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate, sweat, dance
and bathe in pools of rhythm and madness with us! 

Check out this photo album from the show! Photos by Toni Contini, Jon Felix Shaw & Rafael Bustamante Sarria