"Your ancestors outnumber your fears. Embrace your power.
You have generations of momentum behind you"

-Rafael Bustamante Sarria

LA GENTE SF is sending out love and strength to all you struggling  
during these unprecedented times. We realize that music and art 
can be powerful tools to provide inspiration, connection hope and joy.


So we are proud to announce we just released the official music video 
for the song "Morena" the first single from our album 'Borderless'!

(see link below) We have also been hard at work @ WAM
(Women's Audio Mission) working on our 5th studio album.
We have many online concerts coming up so be
sure to follow us on our Youtube channel and well as
Instagram & Facebook to catch all of the music and madness

Thank you all for the continued love
and support. This too shall pass. ¡Si Se Puede!

Venmo: @Rafael-Sarria 
Paypal: lagentemusic@gmail.com




Saturday March 20th LA GENTE SF is proud to be a part of a virtual concert/benefit show for EPC (Earthseed Permaculture Center.) EPC is a dream realized by long-time climate resiliency educator, Pandora Thomas. Thomas has been teaching permaculture and social permaculture for over 20 years by reconnecting communities to Afro-Indigenous principles and practices for the planet and people.  

The artists who have come together for this event include; LA GENTE SF, Kayatta, Eki Shola, Libby Babebott, Star Blue, Tru Lyric, The Bloodstones, Schlee, Lee Vandeveer Band and John Courage. Each band is dedicated to building, healing and nurturing our community and the opportunity to celebrate a future of climate justice and resiliency through Earthseed is an honor for all involved. Co-hosted by Josh Windmiller & Lee Vandeveer.


-Earthseed Permaculture Center-







(Artwork by Alexa Treviño)
LA GENTE SF's 4th album: "Borderless" is now available on
iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and all other online retailers! We
are very proud of this work and is beyond a doubt our best music
we have ever put out. This album exemplifies our unique fusion
of Colombian Cumbia, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Salsa, Electronic,
Singer-Songwriter Reggaeton.  This album was recording at
Women's Audio Mission (WAM) & Rockolito Studios, produced
by Juan Manuel Caipo and Rafael Bustamante Sarria
and features guest MC 
Deuce Eclipse from Bang Data & Zion-I