"Your ancestors outnumber your fears. Embrace your power.
You have generations of momentum behind you"

-Rafael Bustamante Sarria


We want to thank everyone who came to our sold out show at Smiley's!
Unfortunately LA GENTE SF had to cancel all our remaining indoor Bay Area shows before we run off to Madrid. But there is one last chance to see us live in the US in 2021! Thursday August 19th YERBA BUENA DAY: Catch us OUTDOORS: 7:00-8:00pm on Minna Street in between 2nd street & New Montgomery FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! One last chance to parrandiar y vacilar
with some Llamas! 1-LOVE (photo by the great Odell Hussey)




"I am blessed and honored to be invited as a Recording Academy / GRAMMYs voting member. Huge shout out to mis parceros Morgan Nilsen, Will Magid, Lyz Luke and Mónica María Fimbrez for their support in this process. You know that I will continue to be an outspoken advocate for independent artists dedicated to their art and craft and will champion mi comunidad Latina! ¡Si Se Puede!"
-Rafael Bustamante Sarria


LA GENTE SF is sending out love and strength to all you struggling  
during these unprecedented times. We realize that music and art 
can be powerful tools to provide inspiration, connection hope and joy.

Despite all obstacles LA GENTE SF has been hard at work on our 5th studio album: "Entre 2 Mundos" recorded at Women's Audio Mission WAM in
San Francisco as well as in Cartagena Colombia! We have also been busy 
releasing new music videos, livestreams and collaborations.
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miss any of our new content! 





(Artwork by Alexa Treviño)
LA GENTE SF's 4th album: "Borderless" is now available on
iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and all other online retailers! We
are very proud of this work and is beyond a doubt our best music
we have ever put out. This album exemplifies our unique fusion
of Colombian Cumbia, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Salsa, Electronic,
Singer-Songwriter Reggaeton.  This album was recording at
Women's Audio Mission (WAM) & Rockolito Studios, produced
by Juan Manuel Caipo and Rafael Bustamante Sarria
and features guest MC 
Deuce Eclipse from Bang Data & Zion-I