This Video is LA GENTE Live performing their first single off their new Album MORENA as part of the Tocadas Music Series

This video features LA GENTE Live @ The Chapel SF performing one their most popular tunes California featured on their new album

Huge Shout out to Alejandra Niño & Wiphala for this amazing video about lead singer Rafael Bustamante Sarria, LA GENTE & MAPP

This Video is LA GENTE Live performing their Bay Area anthem: California as part of the Tocadas Music Series

LA GENTE SF featuring Alejandra Niño performing their original composition "Llama Cumbia"

This Video features LA GENTE's original tune "Morena"  Filmed Live @ The Chapel in San Francisco for our CD Release party.

This video is LA GENTE's Cumbia Interpretation of Rage Against The Machine's: Killing in The Name Of (NSFW) @ The Great American Music Hall

 This video was filmed at the New Parish and features  LA GENTE's Califusion interpretation of the old Colombian Cumbia Soledad.

This video feature LA GENTE and guest MC's live @ Slim's with their version of The Bay Area Classic 5-On-It

 This video features La Gente live @ The Boom Boom Room performing thier original tune entitled "Prior Convictions" featured on their 4th studio album "Borderless."

 This is a series of clips filmed @ LA GENTE's most recent performance at The de Young Museum

 This is LA GENTE performing thier original compostion entitled "Conpermiso" filmed @ The Boom Boom Room in San Francsico. 

 This next video of La Gente were filmed as part of MAPP (Mission Arts Peformance Project) at "Casa De Los Sentidos"

This Video features LA GENTE with Lady Ryan on lead vocals with their interpretation of the late Elliot Smith's: Between The Bars

 This video was taken at our last performance at The Brick And Mortar. It is an original composition entitled The Vibe and features lead singer Rafael Sarria with a solo on the Hammond B3 Organ

This is another version of our original tune California filmed at The Independent andand features guest MC's Orukusaki and Raw-G 

 This tune was filmed at The Boom Boom Room in the Fillmore district. This tune features MC Orukusaki and is our live interpretation of the Hip-Hop classic Thizzle Dance by the Bay Area underground pioneer MAC DRE, R.I.P.

 This short clip was filmed @ MAPP. It features lead singer of La Gente performing a classic Mexican Ranchera "Volver Volver"

 This is the earliest film of La Gente back in 2002 when the group was called "The People." This original song is called Lotus Hotel and was written by Rafael Sarria when he was 16 years old

This video was filmed when LA GENTE headlined Slim's with J-Boogie and Mission Delirium supporting. We are performing our own interpretation of the Mexican Ranchera classic "Por Un Amor" featuring Jillian Picazo on lead vocals.

 This next series of videos are from La Gente Productionz:  Jean Paul Gaultier Global Village performance series @ The de Young Musuem featuring Dj Lady Ryan, La Gente, Dholrhythms, Trio Garufa, Embodiment Project, Raw-G, & La Mixta Criolla!

 This video features one of La Gente's founding members Diana George back in 2004. This is an original Dancehall Rock tune by La Gente called The Vibe!